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5/22/2018 6:48:25 PM

Iron banner is trash

I don't care who gets offended Iron banner is trash for a few reasons 1. To many people for a match 2. One team always gets steamed rolled 3. Power ammo issue First one there is to many people for the matches considering size of the map and spawn locations My issues with them is I ended up going 1v3 and can't win no gun fights or I get gunned down before I can even leave my spawn location Second thing mercy rule should be activated a lot sooner in the match or more balanced teams cause the last 10 matches 6 of them I got steam rolled and it's absolutely stupid Third thing is power ammo power ammo should be only be able to be picked up twice once from the ammo pick up and once from it being dropped from players who drop it not be continually picked up 4+ times I don't care if this post makes some or all of you mad but iron banner was a lot better before it was 6v6



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