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XBOX- pvp, IB, strikes, protocols, public events, trials- you name it, we play it!

Hi everyone, We are currently recruiting anyone who's 18+ that is tired of playing alone during the evening and searching for folks on LFG that never respond to your post anyway. We've been playing destiny since the first game and have loved it ever since. We focus on it all, NF, RAIDS, STRIKES, PROTOCOLS, IB, PVP, TRIALS, PUBLIC EVENTS, whatever you want to do, someone will be there to help you out. If this seems like a clan you'd want to be a part of, send me a message xbox or reply and we'll go from there. Our clan is made up of both men and women from mainly residing in the UK and the U.S. We communicate on a free app called KAKAO TALK to organize whatever gameplay you're into. Thanks for reading



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