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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
5/14/2018 6:10:27 AM

Thursday's TWAB better give some answers

We need some answers. Pronto. About Heroic Strikes, raising the soft cap, and generally making things fun for everyone again. Because I can tell you from both in-game experience and browsing the forums, a lot of us are just not having a fun. [spoiler]And to be clear, I'm not saying "lower the difficulty". No, I'm saying raise the bar a little so we can catch up to those ahead of us. Like (for instance) raise the soft cap to 355. Heroic Strikes will still provide a challenge, but they'll be more manageable and won't have you throwing your gamepad or keyboard across the room in a fit of frustration like a Prestige Nightfall would. And we'd still be far away from getting to 385 quickly.[/spoiler]



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