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4/28/2018 11:03:43 AM

Are Grenades and Charged Melees too weak? Do they need a damage buff?

Yes! Buff charged melee and grenade damage.


No! I'm fine with the current damage output of grenades and charged melees.


Just buff grenade damage!


Just buff charged melee damage!


Going from D1 to D2, Bungie tried to tone down abilities to put a larger emphasis on good gunplay netting you lots of kills. However in the process, they double needed abilities so your grenades and melee had their damage output lowered but also increased their cooldowns. The recent patch addressed the cooldown issue a bit so throwing on 3 grenade mods reduced your cooldown by 10 seconds each. However this also meant having to give up extra stat points or a particular weapon usage mod. So this post is about whether you think that Bungie should buff grenade and charged melee damage. I believe that uncharged melee damage is around 90 damage a hit. Grenade damage varies depending on which grenade you're using and placement of said grenade.



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