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Public Event And Stuff

So another idea popped up. Thinking about giving people a reason to want to learn how to make public events heroic. Design 3 exotic class armor pieces. I was thinking for the 3 factions, but the design could just coincide with the destination they come from. My original thought was FWC's drop would come from Nessus. New Monarchy's drop could come from the EDZ. And Dead Orbit's drop could come from Mercury, but it could also be that the warlock bond could come from IO. The Titan mark from Titan (why not lol). And the hunter cloak from Mars. We'd have to complete at least 25 (or more, your call, of course lol) HEROIC events on 1 location before the chance of that class item dropping, and they'd only drop on a heroic completion. Now the exotic class item could have perks like, extra super energy on kills gained in strikes, nightfalls and raids. Or kills with all legendary hand cannons grant dragonfly. Or even, sidearm kills immediately start health regen. Maybe add some faction lore to the items. It could get people wanting to learn and work together on public events. Anything that brings our community together in our love of the grind. Thanks for your time✌



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