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4/29/2018 8:17:01 AM

Error Coded out of a Flawless run (and then the rest of my card)

[b]TL;DR : Disconnected players should be able to rejoin their team and 'win' away the automatically given 'loss' on their ticket. [/b] - Only the individual who's shared the card can rejoin that match. (Literally give a pop-up asking the disconnectee whether they want to rejoin the match?). They are prompted every 30 seconds for 120 seconds. - If they rejoin via those prompts, upon arriving it restarts the match, regardless of who's in the lead. - Upon winning that match, the 'disconnectee' has their loss removed and gains their 'win' point for that match. The remaining players of the match proceed as normal, gaining their respective win/loss. -If the match is lost, the disconnectee does not gain a second loss - they remain consistent with their teammate's card. Additionally: - Other mechanics should be put in place for teams that suffers a disconnectee who doesn't rejoin the match. - Opposing team votes one of their players to be inactive? Game becomes a 3v3, and shows a level of 'respect'. (Perhaps a small token 'reward' for doing this). - If opponents refuse then the match doesn't count towards wins/losses and announces this clearly. - This still penalises the disconnectee as they've opted out of participation. [b]Poor connectivity isn't a reason to punish a player - or put their team at a numbers disadvantage.[/b] The story behind this idea: Just as the title said, on my 6/0 card I was error-coded 'Weasel'd into the starting screen, giving me a loss and costing my team (who is now trying to win a downhill 3v4) their flawless too. I checked my router - no issues. I hopped into patrol and moved about, no more connection issues. As soon as their match is done, I rejoin and we attempt to finish the card - I'm error coded again, sending me back to orbit instead of the title screen (I'm again punished for Bungie's error-code system removing me, taking me back into orbit - it's one thing if my internet was wonky- it was running fine as all my other family members weren't facing any issues, including another Xbox in the house). At 6/2 I sigh, and reset the internet just in case. It's easily 30+ minutes later when I return to Trials, trying to at least complete my first card in Trials (I haven't had the interest before joining my clan). Guess who get Weasel'd during the ship-flight loading screen? And guess who's penalised for it? It was so disheartening, on the verge of my first Flawless only for Bungie's side of things to penalise me.



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