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4/4/2018 9:15:28 PM

Raiding the Prison

I miss the Prison of Elders. I miss the strategy you would employ to decimate the enemy spawn points, watching your Warden’s approval of you grow; hearing that crackly voice utter “They are dead; you are not!” was one weekly ritual I eagerly awaited. [spoiler]Dismantle mines, yes?[/spoiler] I miss the lower level expeditions into the depths of the prison to fight the minions of the darkness and eliminate the cursed abominations at its heart. I loved these encounters because they had mechanics that needed to be worked around, and unless you knew how to cheese it or we’re a master of the prison these fights were really hard, so hard in fact that clearing one of them would award the raid completion trophy on PlayStatio-wait... What? This counts as a raid? Long winded flowery intro aside (and thank you for sticking with me) it dawned on me late last night that the low level prison encounters were tantamount to raid lairs in the sense that they’re too small to be a raid, too complex to be a strike, but something different altogether. Was it perfect? Far from it, I’m not going to argue that it was. But I will say that I think I’d rather enjoy raiding the depths of the prison than delve into a glorified strike in a raid lair. [spoiler]And I miss the Reef in general. It was easily my favorite hub.[/spoiler] We know that the prison exists in D2’s base code. I hope it comes back as a series of raid lairs or even if it was functionally the same. It would be so easy to make it into a raid lair, we all know how good Bungie is at reusing assets and content... Think of it, a raid lair for Variks, one for a beastly prime servitor or who knows what. Running around dismantling mines, fighting whatever secrets the Reef can hold, and in the end ransacking the treasure room like it was the Charlemagne’s Vault we should have gotten in D1. What do you think? Leave your feelings on the prison below and let me know if you’d like to return to the prison.
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