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3/28/2018 5:53:14 AM

Knights of the Daedra [PS4] [DISCORD] [18+] Looking for Active Members! D1 and D2!!

At Knights of the Daedra we are looking for active D1 and D2 players. However this DOES NOT  mean you need to have both games to join the clan as our clan expands across both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. Primarily we will focus on D2 but we will go back weekly and do ALL D1 raids and help wherever is needed for our D1 clan members.  Our medium sized clan is looking to expand quickly, we take ALL players; new, intermediate and experienced, however no kids, so its an 18+ group only. We are a easy going and respectful clan regardless of gender or race. We are willing to teach everyone that joins PVE or PVP skills, Founders, and Admins know the raids very well and will teach you ALL mechanics of the raid. Our Requirements from you: To gain entry into the clan you must do/have the following: 1. Reply below with your gamertag + D1/ D2 or both + age (as this is an 18+ clan) 2. Be English speaking and have a working mic 3. Reply with letting us know how many raids you have cleared in either D1 or D2 or both(as this will let us know what level of teaching you require)(we are a bit of a teaching clan as well) 4. Be willing to use discord to communicate with us. 5. Be active daily or almost daily (we understand real life gets in the way) and willing to learn as this is NOT a carry clan. 6. Be willing to participate with other clan members. What we offer you: We offer a community here at Knights of the Daedra and a very active discord server, other clan member's will ALWAYS be willing to participate with you in other PvE or PvP related content so no more lfg or guided or just sitting in a corner by yourself. Our Clan Founders and Admins all work hard to make this clan a good clan, we truly dedicate our time here and ask for little in return. Just for everyone to have fun and active. We are willing to take members from any country as long as you are able to fulfill the requirments above. Any questions? Please message one of the following: Starr2282 (Founder) Darth Nihilus (Founder) Dgutz42 (Co-Founder) RJPlace13 (Co-Founder) Our Destiny Clan Page:



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