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About Private Matches...

So Bungie.. Just saying, as your developing private matches for destiny 2, I was wondering if you could add some more stuff to it, instead of straight copying destiny 1 private matches (hopefully this is the reason why it's taking so long to develop and that it wasn't in the game at launch). Some stuff which I would like too see in Destiny 2 private matches include: -[b]Laser tag[/b], where players can only use Prometheus lens and the gun itself having the stupidly fast time to kill in which it originally had (Perhaps have one team use Prometheus and the other use Coldheart!) -6v6 Rat King only (I know you've already tested this, so hopefully you can implement this into private matches) -Goomba stomp only (That ability that dawnblade has where you quickly fall to the ground. You can kill people by landing on their heads!) -More stuff like this, especially about exotic stuff Thanks heaps guys and keep up the good work!



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