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FaZe_Donkeyにより編集済み: 3/9/2018 2:20:52 PM

I have played since before dark below, and this is one of the lowest points of destiny

Bungie, i care about the destiny series since i have played it before the dark below was released, and i just want to say im dissapointed with destiny 2, i have linked a video pointing out some of the bad decisions you have made with destiny 2, and i get what you are trying to go for, but you have to decide what you want destiny 2 to be. Fast-paced multiplayer like the call of duty series? Go for it. Expansive campaign like halo back when you guys were making it? Go for it. You can either make or break this game, and i dont want to see it break, i want to see it flourish, and become all that the destiny series can be. So to quote mynameisbyf, Per aspera ad astra, through difficulties to the stars.



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