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2/9/2018 3:12:38 PM

To all the haterz

To all haters of D2 You say D2 is oversimplified as if it's a bad thing. Some people want that. The negatives in D2 are there, as they are in most games these days. You know, these days of a masterpiece being the only kind of AAA title that isn't harshly criticized. You have to try and appreciate what D2 devs are doing. They are being BOTH proactive and reactive with their patches and changes. In a game of this scope, style and substance, you aren't giving it the proper credit it deserves because your minority segment of the population is dissatisfied. The population is billions. Hard core video gamers are in the thousands. Do the math. It is still an amazing experience, even if you run out of things to do. So, if you don't like what Destiny has become, go play Monster Hunter, and quit your short sighted bitching and moaning. It's not going to change in the ways you want. D1 is not coming back.



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