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KJ354により編集済み: 1/29/2018 7:51:03 PM

Clan Recruitment (Eat My Crit) XBOX ONE

I'll be brief and to the point. We're looking for members to come join us and enjoy the perks of being able to help one another(And Clan Perks as well). Just a few things we'd like to mention: -No rage quitting -Patience -No bullying -Help out one another -It's not an everyday thing, but please Participate -Profanity is allowed. Just be tasteful about it. Use good humor -No whining -Don't be annoying -You can be an a-hole. Just be a funny one that mostly everyone laughs, not just you -If you have a ton of experience refer to the top 3. You guys are a gem, but not the last gem We're a diverse group. We don't tolerate douchebagsim. We don't care about your light level, we'll help anyone level up. We're all about experiencing what this game has to offer on any, and every level in a good way. Just, be cool, play to have fun, and I believe this clan as it grows will be a pretty awesome one.



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