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Destiny について話し合おう
1/28/2018 1:39:24 AM

Bungie, for now, please bring events like IB and Trials back to Destiny 1

Bungie, if you're reading this, please bring back events such as Iron Banner, Trials, The Dawning, etc. while you guys attempt to fix Destiny 2. I'm sure the community (me included) would love this and give us something to do besides being stuck with playing Destiny 2 in its current state at the moment. If anyone agrees with this post you can bump so there's a higher chance that they'll see this and possibly reply with something (or ignore. I don't mind). This possibly will also get new players to buy Destiny 1 and raise the population. I just hope this gets read and put into consideration. I also will add that I know this might put stress on the servers but it might make the community a little less negative (which they have all rights to be imo). (Also this is one of the first of the few posts I've made here so sorry if this post isn't structured well)



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