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Destiny 2

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SparkySergeantにより編集済み: 1/25/2018 1:20:17 PM


Keep the lore in Exotic lore tabs


Bring back grimoire


Implement in-game codex system


Codex in game and online


No opinion


Personally, I thought the story in D2 was/is amazing. Lots more dialog that makes sense, and great cinematics. But, now we have no grimoire cards, collectibles to help enhance that story. Albeit there is the lore tabs on exotics, but it is not near as in-depth like the books of sorrow. I know I complained about the grimoire back in D1, but that’s because you had to go into an app or on the computer to access it. Personally, I just want a codex system like the original Mass Effect Trilogy where it’s available in-game and on the app. I like reading lore, but now it’s more mixed up and not always available like before. Not necessarily a complaint to Bungie, but my opinion and personal preference. Update: Hey we’re trending! I appreciate all the responses and votes! Truly would like something to change whether it be one of these ideas or one of the ones I’ve seen from the rest of the community!



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