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オリジナルの投稿元: Season 2 Faction Rally Rewards
1/24/2018 10:38:08 PM
I barely played it. a few hours one night. ive just found this game to be not very fun compared to the addiction that was D1. I defend you guys but someone screwed up the gaming dynamics so much its not fun. I guess thats all good in the long run as no one wants gaming addction but heck I dont even want to play. Im just on here seeing if anything will be drastically improved. Ive seen the plans to improve the game and they really dont look like anything much. I dont care at all about microtransactions. the basic functions of pvp are boring now and raiding is tedious . ive barely done it in D2 Someone in your company has killed the joy, the fun, the excitement. Its all gone. Personally I think you should just revert the gaming style completely back to D1 and move forward from there. Two steps back to take one forward may just be what could save this game.



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