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オリジナルの投稿元: Season 2 Faction Rally Rewards
1/23/2018 9:29:51 PM
Why on earth you have to do this, Bungie? Is this really leading the game towards somewhere else apart from disruption and oblivion? As soon as I started playing, I noticed a lot of improvements regarding original Destiny, but... soon after that I realized that this goes down the same path as before. Or what's worse: goes even lower. Why? This is really really easy to comprehend: your lack of good faith and willingness to work. I'll give you a brief idea of what we're facing here (and by "we" I mean "us, the players"... does not include you in the equation). - Content: limited as ever. This is even worse than Destiny 1. And worst part is that you'll do the same as before: a 35 or 40 dollars DLC that contains 6 hours of gameplay, adding useless grind and probably rejecting and discarding every single piece of work we all did in the "year one". Try not to fall in this stupid thing again, please. - Microtransactions: oh, boy... your universe of lies! The so called "Dawning" was the biggest lie I've seen in a game for a long time (at least on a "whole packed game" such as yours). Only content you add and the idea was for everyone to pay for it indiscriminately? Really smart on your side... not so on ours. Only 1 set per class and a few exotic things more. And you obviously armed everything for your gain when we already paid for the whole thing! Cause it didn't drop apart from weekly dawning engrams and only ONCE per week. If you're doing something like this, either make it completely paid or don't even include it at all. Why? Cause the line you keep in here doesn't match. Specifically when we can all realize you downgraded drop rates on exotics from Bright Engrams in order for people to pay for Silver. Clever, yeah... but yet a 5 year old can see it. Low blow there, Bungievision. - Weapons: please... aim towards a bit more use to weapons. Nobody and I mean NOBODY uses other grenade launchers apart from Prospector and Colony (last one being the cheapest and most noob weapon in the game). Hand cannons are also useless. Only Crimson and Better Devils do a good job. The rest take 2 solar cycles to reload. Pulse rifles are the worst along grenade launchers. Their damage is hilarious and only 1 or 2 partially work. Either make them more useful or take em out. And I won't even go into sniper rifles and shotguns. Making them heavy weapons made them weapons of choice instead of life savers. - PVP broken: easy... you traded skill for teamwork. Which imo is ok... as long as you don't have to face a whole team using MIDAs shooting from 2 planets away hiding behind a box. It's not teamwork... it's teamshoot. That's all there is to say. And dude... fix that Nova Bomb glitch forever! If something is there for everyone to enjoy such as Mayhem, then don't screw it making Warlocks spam 2 million Novas on your head! One thing is to have fun... other is to leave something broken on purpose and not fixing it. Oh, and even worse... ACCEPTING THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE AND NOT FIXING IT!!!! - PVE repetitive: this is a common issue since D1. Strikes are repeated until death. And when you were supposed to add more... you just used the same missions for the "story", but only changing dialogues. Brilliant. Also... raid lair? Couldn't you even develop something more appealing to players than a 40 minute activity that doesn't even pay properly if you do it? C'mon... you can do better than that! You can fix that easier than you think (I said it above too): STOP SLACKING AND WORK ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! I will stop here... cause there're lots of stuff to be mentioned, but I won't lose any more time than I already lost playing senselessly your product. You have everything to make this franchise a memorable one and probably, the best one in years. Don't let it go to waste, will ya? Stop asking for more money and do something for what we already paid off, folks.



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