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Put the grimoire back.

Bungie, I [i]want[/i] to want to play your game, but I don't. I was completely obsessed with Destiny 1. I loved the gameplay, the story, the enviroments, and-most importantly-the lore. The gameplay hasn't changed too much, but loot doesn't mean anything anymore. I was happier to get an ok legendary in D1 (before TTK) than I am to get an exotic in D2. Gjallarhorn used to make grown men scream, Bungie. That's what exotics should do. The story has gotten better in quality, but the tone is all wrong. It doesn't fit the setting at all. It's so upbeat and colorful that immersion just isn't possible. The environments suffer from this as well. I miss Old Russia. The cosmodrome had a sense of vastness, lost grandeur, and mystery. It embodied the spirit of Destiny. Lost worlds to discover and explore, secrets to find and master. Destiny 2 has lost that, and I'll tell you why: [b]You removed the grimoire.[/b] You could have implemented it in-game. You could have just given us a nice little codex. You could have done so many things besides flat-out removing it entirely, but you didn't. This game has no soul, no depth, nothing to keep us playing. When people used to ask me why I still played Destiny, why I spent hundreds of hours of my life on a game, I told them that-of all of the words that I could say in rebuttal-the reason that came to mind was [b][i]potential[/i][/b]. The series had so much potential. Because of the grimoire. Now that it is gone, I haven't even been to these forums (which I once visited daily) in three months or more. I still have [i]hope[/i] for your game, Bungie, but it doesn't have the potential that kept me playing for three years. You decide whether that is worth fixing.



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