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Legion of Cookies is recruiting!

Greetings: We are a mature PvX group that plays multiple PC & Console games while also seeking new friends to add to our well established gaming and non-profit family! Main Clan: [url][/url] [u]Clan Benefits[/u]: *~* Shared Clan rewards *~* Active players available for multiple Bungie-games! *~* Multi-platform Gaming Community activities, karaoke, cards against humanity, events & more! *~* Loyal and experienced friends that are ready to learn with you new content, provide tips and insight into anything old and challenging! [u]Requirements to join our destiny clan[/u]: *~* [b]All players are welcomed to join the in-game clan! [/b]*~* *~* [b]Be respectful to others.[/b] ([i]Please read [url=]Bungie's Code of Conduct[/url][/i]). [u]Communication[/u]: *~* TGN Discord: *~* PlayStation 4 Community *~* Destiny 2 Application (Smart Phone) See you soon Guardians! Very Respectfully, MrBearToy88 TGN Founder Check back on [url=] our group forum [/url] for updates!



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