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Boy this post came out quick lol Bungie? I would say I feel sorry for you, but when you hid like a child to ride out the biggest cash grab of this games history to make a statement that was a bold face lie like this... [quote]Eververse was never intended to be a replacement for quality end-game activities.[/quote] ...and blocked refunds with all the other cheap tactics you tried to pull and thought you would get away with it without anyone speaking up about it? You lost all credibility and respect from a hell of a lot of gamers. On top of that, knowing this game is being built with 4 year old's in mind. Why even bother with your trinkets. How about making an actual game instead of constantly lying to your player base and create content that isn't just a 3 week cash grab? Edit: Why don't you explain how your company created D1 the only company that created D1, with a hell of a lot more effort put into it with half the employees you have now. How did you go from that to 800+ employees and saying... Hey guys! we have 2 other studios working with us [quote]We created a system that allows us to create more content easier[/quote] [quote] We're outsourcing material to other studios to bring more content on a regular basis.[/quote] Yet D2 is lacking a hell of a lot more then D1 ever did. How does that happen?



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