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1/12/2018 5:43:21 AM


Colors: Black, White, Red and Gold. Banner: Red background represents blood, sweat and tears let out by us playing D1 and D2. Two gold stripes represent the two games our clan is represented. The white sphere represents the traveler. The black lion represents us as a whole. Clan for Destiny 2, created by a Destiny year-one vet. I've played through every raid multiple times in the original Destiny, I got D2 so I'm looking for a good group of guys to play raids with. You don't have to have a high K/D or the farthest head-shot; you gotta play smart and be willing to work as a part of the team. Now, I don't care about clan ranks or leaders-it's all stupid politics. I want you if you are willing. Join if you dare. -JRZ, creator



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