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オリジナルの投稿元: Player Feedback: Masterworks and Modifications
1/7/2018 2:35:55 PM
ive been thinking of a really cool way to improve the weapon system without doing a major overhaul and i came to this very exciting idea. other than masterworks, legendary (and potentially exotics) should have tiers: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. each tier will award the weapon or armor a set mod capacity bronze being 1 ,silver being 2 ,gold being 3 ,and platinum being 4. Mods will have different capacities depending on the rarity, for example blue mods takes up 1 capacity, legendary 2 and exotic mods will take up 4. so players can mix and match mods for the optimal benefit of the situation. example platinum weapons can equip the following mod combinations: 4 blues or 1 exotic or 2 legendaries or 1 legendary and 2 blues etc. about the mods, each rarity will offer additional improvement ( i will talk about this later in the comment ) weapon mods can make underpowered weapons or perks more useful. for example snipers and linear fusion rifles can have a mod that will increase precision damage. blue mods grants +5% precision damage, legendary mod grants +10% precision damage and exotic + 15% precision damage. however it is not possible to equip the same mod multiple times. lets say you cannot equip 4 blue precision damage mods or a legendary version of that mod with 2 blue versions. i said that mods can help underpowered perks for example a bayonet mod on weapons that will increase melee lunge range while that weapon is used. Graverobber perk will complement this mod well making graverobber a more wanted mod by the playerbase for example a sidearm melee combo in pvp . another mod that i just thought of is reloading weapons releases a shockwave which staggers enemies. blue mod grants a 1 meter radius shockwave , legendary is 2 meter radius and exotic 3 meter radius. this idea helps people hunting something either an exotic mod or a platinum weapon. the idea about my 15th better devils being better than my current one is possible now with legendary tier. the current weapon system ( fixed rolls and the kinetic energy, and ,power) can stay to help compensate people with bad RNG you can ascend the tier of a legendary through the gunsmith using legendary shards but it is costly ( lets say 500 shards) and turning in 3 of the same mod can turn a blue mod into a legendary and 3 legendaries into an exotic. i love destiny 2 and i would like to see it expand and i will continue to play it until the next destiny game. Thank you for reading and thanks bungie for an awesome game.



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