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1/6/2018 4:32:37 PM

How to create a Heroic Event

Public Events: . Taken Blights: One giant Taken Blight will appear along with 1- 4 smaller blights. The smaller blights have a sphere (much like a Ward of Dawn) that prevents damage to those shooting from the outside in, and vise versa. Go into the smaller blights sphere then walk back out with a buff that lasts 5 seconds. Use the buff to damage the main (largest) blight until it bursts. Repeat buff usage as many times as needed until main blight is down. . Injection Rig: There is an enormous Cabal machine that drops down and plants itself. There will be 9 vents in total on the rig; 4 up top on each side, 4 in the middle on each corner, and 1 in the center at the base of the rig. Destroy the top vents first (you only need to damage one really until you see all explode), then move onto the second middle vents, then the third center one. . Cabal Drill: The Cabal will deploy a drill you must defend from their own forces. After the counter for defending reaches 30 a new Cabal ship will appear somewhere. That ship must be destroyed before your timer (or defend counter) is over. . Fallen Glimmer Expedition: Fallen have been deployed to several locations to extract glimmer and such from areas. You must defeat the first 3 out of 4 elite targets for a generator to appear near each site. Destroy the generators that are absorbing the glimmer at each destination. If you miss one generator at a location, two may appear at the next spot that need to be taken out. Fallen Servitor Extraction: A giant Servitor will appear that is absorbing and defending a glimmer rich environment. Your job is to take it down before the timer is up. However, at one point 3 smaller elite servitors group up to help the larger one. Destroy the 3 smaller ones before they disappear to cause the main Servitor to enrage. . Fallen Supply Drop Zone: A group of Fallen have created an area for their own needs and transportation. Interrupt their makeshift base to bring out a Fallen tank. Dismember the tank for it to drop Charged Orbs and take the orbs to 6 shield generators surrounding the area. 2 generators are on each side of 1 shield that holds Scorch Cannons. Dismember the tank as many times as needed until each shield generator is filled and the shields are down. . Vex Teraforming Conflux: The Vex are arriving to give themselves to a artificially created Conflux you must defend. The Conflux will give off 3 signal lines from its base. Once you reach the end of the signal at each (line) a ring will appear that you need to defend as well until it's counter is up. Repeat at all 3 signals and continue defending the main Conflux. . Hive Summoning Ritual: The Hive are threatening an area to unleash their horses through the means of opening a spatial gate from their world. Interrupt this plan by first stepping on 1 of 2 runes that are on the floor. Once the runes are activated, kill the Wizards in charge since the runes take down their shields. Once the Wizards are dealt with, stay on the runes until two void crystals (located at each top corner of the spatial gate) are freed from their shields. Destroy these crystals before they disappear. . DLC . Vex Gate Lord: The Vex on Mercury are congregating together to distort time and take over the planet once more. You must destroy the Vex on each side of the area (arena) until an elite Vex appears. Destroy them in order to make two Charged orbs appear that need to be taken to their respective spots ( 2 data looking auras) and place them at each. Preform this action on both sides to activate the Vex catapult platforms to appear. Use these catapults to go to the first (out of 2) islands and destroy another elite Vex that drops 2 Charged Orbs. Use just 1 orb on the center of the island and look to the back of the island after to see a diamon Vex Conflux appear. Shoot this Conflux to create a platform for you to jump to and find 2 more Confluxes and destroy them to create another platform. Find 3 more Confluxes and destroy them to create the final platform leading to the top of the island. Once after getting to the top of the island stay within the Vex Ring at the top in the center until it activates. Afterwards, go the other island and destroy that elite Vex that appears and put their Charged Orb into the center of that island. The diamond Vex Confluxes do not appear at the second island so just head back to main area (arena) of the Public Event. . Hope this helps.



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