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12/30/2017 2:22:58 PM

Quickplay/Competitive and mode-specific playlists are not mutually exclusive

With all the spamming about you-know-what-verse, it's hard to see if this has been pointed out yet, but I just wanted to share my thoughts about the Crucible playlists. So from what I've gathered the reason made only two playlists in Destiny 2 is to improve matchmaking by preventing dilution of the player base. That's great and all, but there really was no need to remove the mode-specific playlist as we had those in Destiny 1 up until year 3. So here's what I think Bungie should do: just keep the Quickplay / Competitive playlists the way they are, but add additional mode-specific playlists that just filter the matchmaking pool to those specific game modes. Of course these mode-specific playlists will have longer matchmaking times. But here's the million dollar solution to this and all similar issues: JUST INFORM THE PLAYER ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON. Just have a line in de playlist description which mentions that matchmaking will take longer, or mention that Quickplay has faster matchmaking. Hell, that's what Quickplay means in any other game. In Destiny 2 it just means "not competitive". If you think that really isn't enough, have a banner pop up saying that matchmaking takes longer when not choosing Quickplay or Competitive. But please stop underestimating our intelligence. Sometimes I just really really really wanna play supremacy and only supremacy, and I don't care having to wait a bit longer. I'm fine with that. It should be my choice to make. GIVE US OPTIONS. Let us play _with_ the game, not just play the game. I hope when Custom Matches come back in Januari, mode specific playlists will also make a comeback. Perhaps you'll revamp Custom Matches to include matchmaking features, I'd also be into that.



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