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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
12/29/2017 10:58:04 AM

Good bye, and some random thougths

My random thought on Destiny I've played the game from beta, and have had lots of fun with it. There have been few ups and downs, but Bungie has so far managed to fix most of the issues, and given the fact that the game was severely limited by old gen support job well done. Destiny 2 Main campaing was good and I enjoyed playing it. Only hicup was the Ghaul fight, which was just tedious. Also the side quests and missios were fun to play. But then it pretty much ended. Only thing left to do was grinding light level up. Only few excotic quests were doable as a solo player. On Planets it was public event after public event. You basically couln't go anywhere without running into one. Weapons and armor grew pretty fast into "same thing again, delete". Masterworks. Hmm, just one random perk added to weapon and it takes forever to get cores to reroll. Not just enough. I'd take D1 random roll weapons anytime back. Current system is just too boring. You end up palying with certain guns, and if you try different thing, you pretty soon discover that there actually is wery few usable guns. Skills. I did actually go and play D1 while waiting CoO. And it was a blast. I was like "whoa genades are back, and didn't I just cast my Super?". And when you come back to D2, you are just waiting for them to come back. Oh, that cult armor and masterwork perks don't bring that back. Shaders, someone must've thougt it was a great idea, so we can sell shaders to players, but for me. I jus had pretty soon too many shaders, even from eververse, that I just ended deleting them while in loading screen (why can't we mass delete them???). PVP. Yeah, actually I don't care about PVP. Only reason for me to play it, is that I get better gear. And with D2 that's only once a week, and it only gives higher light. And I just don't get it why we have some game modes in quickplay and some in competive, that just s***s. Personally I don't want to even touch quickplay. What's the point, as most of the time it is landslide victory to one team and there is no competition at all??? In D1 I would occasionally go and play PVP just for fun. Not in D2, it is just too limited and you have no idea what mode it will be. Clans (co-op). Was in one for few weeks until it was disbanded. Got more loot from miss Hawkgirl (what ever her name is), but thats it. Unfortunately there is no way to engage with anybody in the game. How hard it would be to have text chat in game??? I could just pop in clan/lfg channel and ask if anyone is interested in (insert activity). But no, not possible. Basically they just should have told at the start that you need either iDevice or some android thingy to enjoy the game to fullest. CoO It was fun, but thats it. Timers, uuh. I just hate them, and in any activity that has them I'm not going to even bother. Eververse, well I don't really care. I'm not going to buy anything that requires opening lootboxes, simple as that. Yes there is some items available to byu with dust, but you can't byu for example a full armor set. Just stupid. And as I have played I have 2 complete sets of Hunter armor already without paying anything. Guess that made me walking advertisement as I wore those ingame. Strikes I loved the D1's year one strikes, they were the best. After that it has been mostly downhill. Same goes for Nightfall, in year 1 I played them everyweek, first thing after reset. Year 3 only occasionally. Now I did once with guided games, and twice with clan members, and most likely am not going to bother anymore (if I actually am going to play the game even). Raids Yeah. I have almost done VOG twice, but as beeing some random asked to join in noob teams, we did get to the end fight, but then most of the team jsut left, and we newer finished them. Then I've benn twice invited to fireteam, to find out that I am in Boss fight of King's Falls, and nobody cares/is able to explain what is going on. That was quick as I got booted to orbit soon :). So as the next expansion is sometime next year. I will wait and see how it will turn out. But only after I have read and watched reviews. As for now I will say thank you to Bungie for the fun times, but it has ended. Best regards.



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