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12/28/2017 9:22:03 PM

Bungie and Activision, criminals that need to be charged

Bungie... You guys have honestly and truly, taken a game where persons would loose sleep to play and have made it a casino for persons to win useless porcelain dolls. It's a shooter! 99% of what you gamble, spending your money at EV is -blam!-ing bullshit! That shit should be free! Mercury is a joke. Seasons to stretch out what should be a single expansion. You guys are straight up crooks. You obviously know how to create weapons and armor which is what ANY player would take over a -blam!-ing sparrow, shader, -blam!-ing dance or mod BUT It's the easiest to replicate and sell without the pay to level up being outright out there but you're working your way there. Lazy! Or better put, stingy! Why pay your developer's to create better, more creative weapons when these starving clowns will take whatever is new due to them being deprived for the longest. You suck! Really.. Red death, ice breaker, hell, the pro lense is even within the same game. If they bought these, why not?!?! Can some of the developer's with integrity -blam!-ing quit and go put something together in this direction that is right? Proper arenas for your hard worked for op weapons. PVE acknowledged leveling to where your level -blam!-ing matters and is felt other than getting one shot by an enemy in the nightfall or raid. Proper rewards for loyalty to a broken system instead of asking for more money and locking persons out of shit they purchased. Seriously. The shit is criminal. [url=]link[/url]



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