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12/23/2017 1:05:46 AM

This game needs some QoL updates

Aside from adding new content, there are several areas which need improvement for the sake of improving player experience. [b]1) Shaders need to be unlockable items like Emblems again, like they were in D1.[/b] Being able to apply different shaders to different pieces of armor and even weapons was an improvement, to be sure, but the glimmer cost of applying them and their nature as consumables were two steps in the wrong direction. Keep the improvement, but make them Infinite use, and give them a collection like they had in D1. [b]2) Players need to be able to recustomize their characters.[/b] Yo, it's been 3 years of Destiny 1 and half a year of Destiny 2. Can I PLEASE change my Hunter's shitty hairstyle yet? So sick of being reminded of it every time I see one of those damn cutscenes. [b]3) Story Missions, Adventures, and Strikes need to be able to initiated directly via the map, and players should be allowed to replay them any time they want.[/b] Because the campaign was one of the more fun aspects of this game and the fact that it can only be experienced in pieces after initial completion just doesn't feel right. [b]4) Eververse needs the following changes:[/b] * Silver no longer purchasable with real money. * Silver earned by completing Strikes, Crucible Matches, Raid Activities, Story Missions, Lost Sectors, Adventures, and Public Events; and also by opening Faction Packages. * Any Limited Time events that feature their own special types of Engram will reward said engram in addition to the default one when players level up. * Bright Dust no longer exists. Guaranteed items are purchased with Silver. At time of change, all Bright Dust belonging to each player will be converted to Silver and added to their account. * Dismantling any Eververse items grant Glimmer instead of Bright Dust. [b]5) Collections for Ships, Sparrows, Shaders, Transmat Effects, and Ghost Shells.[/b] Because Vault Space is REALLY tight right now. [b]6) Milestones and Quest Steps need to be made Trackable so that their progress can be viewed by bringing up the Ghost mid-activity.[/b] And also, please make the "+134 Glimmer" counter disappear when viewing our challenges, because it obstructs the view of the progress on the topmost challenge. [b]7) Players should be able to view what challenges are available for an activity or playlist before they enter it.[/b] I'm sick of having to wait for the activity to load and start, to be able to check the challenges for the activity. Doing that at the beginning of a crucible match? You load into the match, pull up your ghost, see that you need Solar kills when you've got Arc in every slot, and while you're -blam!-ing around in your inventory to equip Solar weapons and stuff, the enemy is targeting you for easy kills. [b]8) ANY activity that can only be done once per week must have a smart loot system implemented, that has a drastically higher chance of giving players an item they don't already own.[/b] Prestige activities in particular should be guaranteed to drop something you don't already have. If you spend the amount of time required to go through the entire Raid on the highest difficulty, you deserve to walk away from it richer than you were when you walked in. Duplicates are just dismantled for Legendary shards, and players who beat Prestige activities deserve more than that. Remember, it's not just the time and effort they put into the activity that's wasted when they get a duplicate. It's the time they are forced to wait until the weekly reset, when they can try again. [b]9) More Exotics need to be given the Sagira treatment[/b] Getting Sagira's shell is one of the grindiest tasks in the game right now. The fact that this Exotic is waiting for us at the end (as a guaranteed drop and not just random chance) makes this particular grind seem more than worth it for me. I may have started late in the game due to my coursework getting in the way for the first couple of weeks, but I am certainly going to do everything in my power to grind for those mats so I can get that shell. That's how Exotics should be earned. It makes them feel a lot more special than when a player just happens to get lucky. [b]10) Season-exclusive items and limited event items should still be possible to earn after said event or season has ended.[/b] Let's be honest, this Dawning has SUCKED due to the crap pulled by Eververse. Even if things turn around after this, there will still be tons of players who missed out on getting the great looking armor and items from the event. I don't think this is fair, so I propose the following: Engrams from past seasons and events can still be purchased with Silver (remember, in this scenario Silver is earned in-game as opposed to costing real money), but at a significantly higher cost than the regular engrams of the current season.



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