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12/22/2017 10:01:35 PM

How a JRPG does DLC better than a AAA game {Final Fantasy XV Verses Destiny 2}

no doubt if you're reading this, the title has already peaked your interest. for those unaware, Final Fantasy XV has just released it's forth and supposed final DLC. each one of these DLCs focuses on expanding on the story and adding new gameplay methods, in addition to a 3-4 hour campaign, for just 10$, 4.99$ if you're in certain countries. with each DLC further expanding the lore and the relationships of all the characters. now let's examine an AAA game and how it uses DLCs. Curse of Osiris adds a 2-3 hour campaign that in reality, any hardcore person can finish in 45 mins if you speed run. adds new armor and weapons, that are all no different than any weapon already in the base game. and even cuts out content for people who bought the base game but not the DLC. if that was it, it would no doubt be clear cut but let's go even deeper, let's compare the content Updates. by that I mean, the Dawning or as it should really be called, Vagus slot machine. and Comrades a multiplayer update that is still in beta and you have to pay to play it but once it's out of beta, anyone will be able to play it for free. of course if that was it, it wouldn't be that great but to say that was the only update is a lie. there's also new free story content including new story missions, new high-end cutscenes, a beast and story codex along with a whole host of new features not already in the base game all added for free to all players. I think I've made my point clear



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