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オリジナルの投稿元: Three of Coins Functionality
Yellowgateにより編集済み: 12/20/2017 11:09:46 AM
Utter bullshit. I used one of these boosters in two and a half hours of doing adventures and public events .. nothing. Used one while running normal strikes for about an hour and a half .. nothing. I used to get an exotic about every twenty public events or so, have run about fifty and .. nothing. You lot are so incompetent if you fell out of a boat you would miss the water. You lied about the Auto Rifle buff in D1, you lied about the recent XP buff and then when you were caught you just doubled the amount of XP need to get one of your bright crapgrams. Exotic drops were stealth nerfed. Prometheus Lens was broken. 3oC are clearly not working and oh, Ikora has a permanent marker on her. Can you do anything right outisde of milking the gullible you manipulate to buy your re-skinned tat from Eververse ?? Your game has been on sale here in the UK at least three times and is now headlining the PSN store in a desperate effort to raise sales. I bought it on pre order as I thought no game could be shallower at launch than D1, more fool me. I have just deleted my characters and this abomination from my hard drive. Its 30fps, laggy, cringy money grabbing presence on my hard drive offends me. Just the gullible few left now to milk Bungie and when this turd of a franchise hits the bowl with a large splash very soon I will laugh my ass off.



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