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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
12/19/2017 1:14:01 AM

Remember when Bungie made great games and not lousy microtransaction machines?

Before I start. I need to say I love Bungie. Back in the day, I was behind them 100% in their bid to take over the world. Because they were smart, charismatic, and righteous. They changed the landscape of gaming and made the 1st person shooter what it is today. Nothing can ever take away from that. However... I just don't understand what happened. This is the same company who would publicly acknowledge being disappointed in the individual flaws of otherwise great (AND FINISHED) games. Now they offer hollow apologies when they get called out for shady business decisions designed to milk the player base for a little extra cash, and it happens over and over AND OVER AGAIN. This is now a company that patches Destiny 2 only to save face during PR disasters and gives an expansion that barely offers much in the way of actual new content, when the original release was already so pathetically barebones. This was a company that made sequels that expanded upon the lore and gameplay of previous releases to create deep and well thought out worlds, but now releases a sequel that makes the lore even more inaccessible and has features chipped away from the original title (Why don't Sparrows have horns now? WOULD THAT HAVE TAXED THE GAME ENGINE TOO MUCH??) I thought Bungie was leaving Microsoft so they could spread their wings. Instead they signed with Activision and snuffed out that spark they had that sucked me into not just their game, but gaming as a whole, the way no other game developer could. I think I speak for many when I say this: We NEED you, Bungie. We'll keep the beacons active and never stop sending recovery squads. No matter what you become, you'll always be revered for your great deeds, your great sacrifice. And even if you have to be put down, we'll still give you a hero's funeral. Because you taught us that Spartans never die. They're just....MIA.... Sincerely, Spartan WelfareWilly Squad BALZ



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