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オリジナルの投稿元: Three of Coins Functionality
SethRoganHDにより編集済み: 12/19/2017 10:31:26 PM
Seriously? Early 2018. Like many have already said, if this had any positive effect that you didn’t intend for players, you would’ve had it fixed yesterday. I held out hope for you guys through all of this shit. Self inflicted shit at that. You guys shoot yourself in the foot at every turn you take due to one simple misconception. You all apparently think that your customers are brain dead morons who are incapable of doing simple math or even noticing that it’s pretty impossible to get an exotic at this point. Not that it really matters seeing as how the exotics are of no consequence anymore. You’re just wrapped up in shitty business practices and how you can ‘’monetize the game and progression system in the long term”. This is the -blam!-ing opposite of player retention. No one wants anything to do with this game anymore because you can’t figure out what bullshit story you’re going to feed to the player base on any given day. I don’t think you guys have any clue what’s happening outside of ‘eververse, bright engrams, MONEYYYY’. That’s all the folks at bungie care about. You hemorrhage more players every day because you don’t care about the consumer anymore. I tried Curse of Osiris as one final chance for you guys out of respect to you as the team who brought me D1 Y3. And that campaign fit for a 5 year old put a terrible taste in my mouth. This is why I stopped playing and supporting your game and I genuinely hope many more do the same. This behavior does not deserve a player base. Hell you guys don’t deserve to call yourselves bungie anymore. At least put ‘a division of activision’ on the end so people know how you’re going to treat them. I hope you ride the eververse all the way to the ground. Goodbye. All you guys replying to this defending bungie make me laugh. I’m not going to dignify that with a response to any of you personally, but I will say that trying to invalidate someone’s argument and putting words in their mouth is pathetic at this point. On top of that, it’s not an argument. It’s all fact. You guys are why we have this gaping shit hole of a game so by all means, keep trying to push my buttons and defending bungie. You’re just gonna be the last ones off. No different , no better than the rest of us. Peace guardians.



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