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Destiny について話し合おう
12/14/2017 11:46:29 PM

We're Not Gonna Take It! Boycott Destiny 2!

The time has come to band together, guardians. We need to show bungie that we won't take this SH*T! They will no longer shove these crappy DLC's down our throats as we idly stand by with lube in one hand and a controller in the other. We need to stop purchasing this garbage. They did it with Destiny 1 and now they are doing it again. They just haven't learned their lesson! Star Wars Battlefront 2's community got rid of loot boxes. All we need to do is speak up and be persistent. I wish I didn't pre order the season pass so that I can boycott their DLC's. But at least I don't have to download them. I'm going to continue playing other games and if you are as pissed of as I am, I suggest you do the same. Don't buy that DLC anymore! Don't give them the money for in-game currency! As a year one Destiny 1 player, I've been there for the up's, the down's, and the long stretches of bland. Destiny has given me many good times but the sour taste far outweighs the sweet. It's time to make a difference Let's starve them out! But the only way to do that is to stay away. And it starts with you. Eyes up, Guardian...



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