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12/11/2017 11:42:06 PM

Full immersion idea - HUDOFF/ +Tracked items

Hello Bungie/Destiny Community, I've recently switched to PC and have been enjoying the improvements that Blizzard and Bungie have made from the console game. This game looks beautiful and I really like experiencing the game without the HUD. However one thing about this option kills the game for me is not being able to see tracked locations with the HUD off. One minor suggestion that could tremendously improve the experience for me and all other guardians who like playing without the HUD. If we could have the on screen indicator pop up whenever we pull out our ghost this would improve the experience so much. With HUD off - when you pull out your ghost, the name of the area, summon sparrow, abandon activity come up anyways. So I don't think there'd be any complaints from the community if we also added waypoints for tracked items. Everyone let me know what you think about this. I've been thinking about it for some time and think it'd be a great solution. If this could happen with tomorrow's update that would be my single most cherished christmas present. [Wishful thinking, but if this could happen at any point in the future it would be appreciated] Tl;Dr; Playing with the HUD off is a great experience, but could be improved by adding waypoint markers for tracked items when you pull out your ghost. Thanks, Outadate88



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