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12/11/2017 7:03:03 AM

How to fix Destiny 2 (Semi-Long post)

I know there are a lot of post talking about how to fix Destiny 2, but I wanted to compile all of the opinions of the community into one post and also add my insight. The goal I have in mind when writing this post is giving Bungie a rundown of the communitys opinions' on Destiny. Who am I? I'd call myself a fan of this franchise. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't care. I've been here since year 1 of D1, and I've bought all the DLC except the Rise of Iron since it wasn't available for the ps3. I then came back to Destiny when it arrived on PC, now clocking about 150h in D2. Anyway, let me crack on. Firstly: [b]The backlash on locking content.[/b] First question is WHY? What do you gain by locking content out of the players who bought the vanilla game? I think KackisHD had a great video breaking this down so I will link the Video here: Video TL;DR: Unlock the content for all players and you will have more people willing to buy the DLC. Unlocking the content will be extremely healthy on the playerbase. [b]Fixed Weapon Rolls[/b] This part divides opinions very strongly. Some people like fixed perks, some people don't. I am one of those who like randomized rolls, since it adds more grind and makes getting drops more interesting. Removing fixed rolls would also add more variety of weapons in the Crusible. [b]Crusible[/b] The biggest problem with Crusible seems to be the style of gameplay. Basically the only way you can win is by moving as a team, leaving less options for 1v1 engagements, which are way more fun and rewarding. However, the exotic trace rifle Prometheus Lens fixed this problem for me. Having a lower time to kill (TTK) really spiced things up in the Crusible and made me enjoy PvP a lot more. I wish that every weapon gets a buff for the PvP, so that everything is a bit more fast paced. [b]Eververse[/b] This is a topic I have not been doing enough reading on but I still wanted to include it here. If I understood correctly, Bungie are planning on adding more stuff to the Eververse that can be only obtained by buying Silver or Leveling up and praying to the RNG gods. I really hope this isn't going to happen, since it will cause a huge amount of backlash form the community. [b]Story and Lore[/b] We want more! The Lore and backstory of Destiny is absolutely amazing and really well thought out. It is so sad that I have to go to channels like [url=]MyNameIsByf[/url] on youtube to find more lore. Another problem with lore is the stories that are left unfinished/left up to speculation. The first example of this that comes to mind is the Exo Stranger, who just disappeared after the Vanilla campaign of D1. [b]Events[/b] Events should be more frequent, and we should get more events like the Faction Rallies or Sparrow Racing Leagues. They add more playability and are just a load of fun. Thats all I've got to say at the moment. I hope this helps Bungie and the devs make the game better, since that is what we all want. We all bought Destiny 2 in the hopes that it would be amazing but it hasn't delivered quite yet. I myself have had a lot of fun with it but I know it could be so much more. If you keep making bad decisions I don't think there will be a Destiny 3. All the sponsors/funders will stray away from you because of all the backlash you are getting, and fixing that must be the number 1 priority for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and keep the conversation rolling guardians. -the_dotto



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