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Trinary Light Alliance

This is not an ordinary clan recruitment post, for we are not an ordinary clan. Do you find that even with almost 100 members in your current clan, none of your clanmates are on? Have you had the unpleasant experience of having your clan max out, and more people just want to keep joining? Maybe your clan's environment isn't what you were looking for, but you didn't want to lose the friends and connections you made? We're here to fix those problems. We are the Trinary Light Alliance. In short, Trinary Light Alliance is an unofficial guild of clans, whose each individual members will be allies to many others. When one clan doesn't have enough members to play through a full Raid on, you can count on one of the other clan members for allies. When one clan is overfilling, they can recommend new members to join one of the other clans with less ranks. We connect people to several Groups as well to discuss things ranging from gameplay tactics, creations, game lore, and more. We're here to build a larger community than any you might have seen before. Any clan and their members are allowed to join the alliance, with their founders and admins having a seat in our group so long as they promote the alliance's values: compliance with the code of conduct, openness to new members, and community-driven treatment of others looking to help and have fun. If you wish to have your clan join, post in the comments below or have your founder contact me and we'll admit you into Trinary Light's group. Here are our current groups and allies: Groups: [url=]Destiny Fiction Producers[/url] [url=]Stars of Alpha Lupi[/url] [url=]The Ashen Conflux[/url] Clans: Born from the famous Destiny 1 Group/Clan, the Ashen Conflux is full of explorers looking to gather and disseminate the hidden lore and information in the game. They're open to members from any platform; PS4, XBOX One, and PC. [url=]The Ashen Conflux[/url] The Destiny Fiction Producers are a small clan connected to the large and popular Destiny Fiction Producers Group of avid and inspired fanfiction writers who take Destiny's story and make it their own. They are an XBOX clan in need of more, creative members. [url=]Destiny Fiction Producers[/url] Minotaur on the Left is a fun-loving clan of mostly relaxed and casual players who enjoy hanging out with each other, but when something tough needs to get done or people need to play serious, they are able to rise to the occasion. They are a PSN clan. [url=]Minotaur on the Left[/url] The Lupus Constellation is an organization of very creative individuals with clan-chapters on each platform and all connected through their home Group, the Stars of Alpha Lupi. Their PC chapter is currently their youngest, looking for an avid PC gamer and their friends to take up its leadership. [url=]Lupus Constellation PSN[/url] [url=]Lupus Constellation XBX[/url] [url=]Lupus Constellation PC[/url] TL;DR: The Trinary Light Alliance is a group of allied clans who are open to admitting more clans. Here are some of our current members: Multi-platform: [url=]The Ashen Conflux[/url] XBOX: [url=]Destiny Fiction Producers[/url] [url=]Lupus Constellation XBX[/url] PSN: [url=]Minotaur on the Left[/url] [url=]Lupus Constellation PSN[/url] PC: [url=]Lupus Constellation PC[/url]



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