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Satsumasにより編集済み: 12/8/2017 2:53:38 PM

Most fun solo build so far!

This isn't a big post, it's just something i wanted to share for those who have not tried it yet. I always searched for new, more interesting ways to play regarding loadouts (i despise the standard HC Auto Rocket loadout), so i was naturally inclined to play with exotics like Insurmountable Skullfort and Peacekeeper's in the base game. Since release, i've played around with Colony (Reaaaallly fun to use), but now i found the most enjoyable solo build so far. Fighting Lion + Lucky Pants on Hunter. Yeah. I tried fighting lion before the buff, and it was fun, but a bit weak and ran out of ammo in like 10 seconds. But now, it feels like a real BEAST when combined with the quick switch from Lucky Pants. Now, this build is probably even MORE fun on Titan with Peacekeepers, without ever need to reload. So go out in the world, try it, and have FUN! Edit: To clarify how to play the build, you first shoot with the Lion and hit something, usually killing all red mobs, then switch to a hand cannon to kill off some other weak mob on the side. This reloads and gives your Lion ammo, which will never run out so long as you repeat this process while playing. Creates a fun dynamic between stiwtching weapons, similar to Sturm and Drang but feeling more powerful! :)



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