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12/1/2017 11:13:28 PM
[quote]stop pre-ordering stop buying DLC[/quote] Oh yeah, EA -blam!-ed up and Bungie/Activision have screwed Destiny 2 fairly badly. I'll just stop preordering everything and buying all DLC. No thanks, I think I'll be preordering stuff I know I will enjoy and I'll happily pay an exorbitant amount of money for the DLC if I enjoyed the base game enough. D2 has its flaws, but I preordered it and it's DLC and although it could be a far better game I am happy with my purchase. I have played games at arcades in the past that cost £1 and can last mere seconds, but I'm still satisfied. When I pay money for something like D2 I will be more than pleased if I get at least an hour per £1 that I pay for it.



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