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Destiny について話し合おう
8/22/2017 5:51:46 AM

Will NAT Type be an issue for the PC release of Destiny 2 or was it an issue in the Console Beta?

I played a lot of Destiny 1 on the xbox a while back. I had to stop because my router changed and it turned my NAT Type to strict, which prevented me from playing with my raid team. (I stopped somewhere after house of wolves) I really want to play Destiny 2 but now I play on PC. I have never had a problem with NAT on my PC except for Ubisoft games, I cant ever play with friends on them. Im curious if anybody has any info on if NAT Type will affect PC. I also would like to know if it effected the Console Beta because I believe they will correlate. I cant change my NAT type because im going to college and the NAT is strict so chances are they wont let me fiddle with that



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