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11/22/2017 3:25:33 AM

Lucky Pants : An Exotic Tip For An Exotic Item : (TL;DR Buff Post)

I like hand cannons. For PVE and PVP. The Lucky Pants exotic helps passively boost the performance of hand cannons. The issue is that the exotic currently works as a "boosted hot swap" perk from D1. I would like to see a very simple Buff to this exotic, so that more people would use it. Case in point : The "Illegally Modded Holster" perk be active AND visible on-screen at all times. The item itself doesn't boost damage in any way, I can honestly say I don't see anyone use it at all in any circumstance, but I do because I'm hoping it will be Buffed one day. TL;DR Please buff the Lucky Pants exotic to always have Illegally Modded Holster active, and shown as such on screen. After all, the only thing is changes is Ready Speed and Accuracy. As of right now, you purposely have to switch to another weapon and back to use the perk for only a few seconds.



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