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11/18/2017 9:26:12 PM

Looking for an active PS4 clan

Hi all, I play daily, well almost daily as I do work, have a family and raid in another game also. However, i have almost 200hours already invested in this game so should give you an indication of how much I am currently enjoying this game despite its flaws. I am looking for a clan that has the following criteria: 1. Active members (most important) 2. A good size 3. a discord or something to communicate with members (essential) 4. willing to give me a trial before joining. #4 is important. I've joined a couple a now that's simply just broken down or been a barren wasteland. I would like to trial your clan before joining. The last thing I want is to be called a clan hopper and as clans are disbanding all over the place, I just wanna see if the clan I'm trying is the right fit for me. Bit about me I have 3 characters at 305 Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Cleared Normal raid on all 3 Not cleared Prestige raid as no one in my current clan wishes to do it I am an average player in PvP, but have not done trials with exception to 1 win. I do like PvP and would like to do it more as a group including trials I have done Nightfall and Prestige Nightfall Think that covers it Thanks for reading, Chaosprime



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