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11/16/2017 1:29:59 AM

Ways to make D2 a lot better!

Destiny 1


Destiny 2


After being enthralled with Destiny when it first arrived on console a few years ago, I have now moved on to play Destiny 2. I just got capped at light level 305 and feel I have taken in all the game has to offer. I enjoyed how it kept similar mechanics and didn't completely overhaul the core feel of the game from Destiny 1. I will try to make this short and poignant. -Gameplay feels slower than Destiny 1. I thought it was just me at first, not being high enough level, but no it's overall a bit slower, relying a lot less upon reaction time even in crucible which is disappointing. The crucible gameplay feels a lot everyone is literally just waiting for the enemy to walk around the corner, there isn't much tactical advantage to flanking as you can see an enemy a mile away show up on your HUD. -Talent tree's are boring and don't allow players to BUILD their character. What I like to do (and I believe a lot of other people too) is mold my build around my playstyle, and they restricted and confined players in Destiny 2. What I find hilarious is that they actually give you points to spend when you are leveling up your character, but you don't even get to spend them, you literally just put it into the only ability available to you, so it's like... uhh... okay? Thanks? Why wouldn't you just automatically give me the one talent you were going to force me to put my skill point in anyways? -Arc class, Solar, Void, different colors, same abilities. There is hardly any variation as to the skill tree's... I mean yeah some are better for crucible and others PvE, but it's a bit silly to have the same kind of grenade in each element.. again, I'm looking for variety but it looks and feels like they just copy and pasted a grenade, but with a different element attached to it. -The weapon system was completely overhauled and shotguns and fusion rifles were moved into the 'Power Weapon' slot. From the beta, I was very skeptical but I didn't have enough hours on the game to accurately judge this change, however, after capping at 305 on my warlock, I still am not fond of the weapon overhaul, it feels like Bungie TRIED to add something new and fresh into the game, but they really didn't need to fix something that wasn't broken. There are SO MANY other area's of the game that could have used some attention, but they chose to change something very stupid in my opinion. Power weapons in crucible feel SO much worse than they did in Destiny 1. The only viable power weapon in D2 is a Rocket Launcher. -Sniper Rifles... uhm.. why did they even put Sniper Rifles in this game? I'm really not sure. As a 'Power Weapon' ? but I could put out 10x more dps with my kinetic blue item? lol... All in all, I really wish that Destiny 2 had more to offer... I get that they focused in more on the Storyline of the game with this second one... I appreciated that. I feel like I don't have enough to do... as always, I know the end game raid is what you go for.. but now that I've done that, the prestige raid literally offers NOTHING better than the regular raid? Like, NOTHING. lol. I am stuck picking generic pre-determined TOP or BOTTOM tree in my specs... I just really don't like how this game feels.. like, why did Bungie choose to confine players so much in terms of character builds? Okay I got to end game... doomed to repeat the raid every week (I enjoy the raid... but, can't you add some interesting questlines for guns? Can't you add rare spawns to hunt that are difficult to find?) I just feel like there are so many GOOD and FUN and CREATIVE ideas that Bungie can so easily implement into their game but instead... I feel like they just kind of left me hanging.. to make another character or something.. anyways, I will DEFINITELY not be getting the Expansion to Destiny 2 seeing as it is going to have basically NOTHING new to offer. There are much more fun games than Destiny 2 available now. Destiny 1 was a LOT better imo.



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