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11/11/2017 10:45:24 PM

"Looking for space to spawn" glitch in inverted spire

So I was doing nightfall with my fireteam, and when we reach the final boss critical point and the suicidal vex start spawning, we got overwhelmed and we died before we could revive each other, cue the respawn timer, until when the timer reaches 0, the text "looking for space to spawn" appears as we try to respawn, and it stays that way, same goes for the rest of my fireteam. My guess iss, there is little space in the final battle arena and too many enemies, that we couldn't possibly find a place to respawn, but what's odd it's that i saw some space that we could respawn, but we never did because of the glitch. So we had to start over and switch tactics to deal with the suicidal mobs, but I am reporting this so Bungie could take notice and fix this so it wouldn't happen again.



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