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Itkovanにより編集済み: 11/6/2017 9:16:23 PM

Quest bug (Bad neighors) upon server-drop/reconnect

I just experienced yet another one of the "connection to server lost" events that have been a thorn in my joy over the game, marring my experience greatly. Though this time, it came with another annoyance, for the quest i was working on, also happened to be the "Bad Neighbors" on Titan. I've reached the part where i'm meant to defeat the 2 "High Operants", ie the last part of the mission before i seemingly lose my connection to the server. "thankfully" it managed to reconnect to the server and i believed i could continue my mission. now, as my screen completes loading, i see that i start "anew" at the point where "ressurection" have been limited and i have to run all the way back to the top of the tower to face my two last foes of the mission, this i can live with, considering that no interlopers have spawned in my path. When i reach the last stretch, where originally a "walkway" had spawned to allow me access to the top of the tower, this time there is only open air allowing for a swift plummet to the ocean where again my fate will be sealed. Why couldn't the bleeping walkway respawn as i did, and why is it that Destiny 2 is oh so picky about the network connection? can't the servers handle a little network drop or a sudden spike in latency without deciding that "nope, you're not online anymore" ?



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