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Big_Daddeh_により編集済み: 11/6/2017 5:29:18 AM

Random Loadouts

So since we are definitely getting Private Matches at some point (and hopefully an expanded version, I.e. custom games), I’d love to see the return of random loadouts. Back in D1, there was a Chrome Extension that paired with the Bungie gear manager page that selected random weapons to create a random loadout. Going into private matches with friends and random, usually terrible weapons was a ton of fun, especially to stave off boredom. This wasn’t mentioned much in D1, and I haven’t seen it mentioned in D2, but I’d love if some amazing member of the community, or a Bungie dev team employee, made some sort of randomized that picked from our vault and characters to give a random loadout! Just something to add a little more variety to the game! That is all!



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