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Destiny 2

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10/19/2017 7:16:30 PM

Bring back old exotics

One problem I've noticed with Destiny 2 so far is there aren't all that many exotics in the game so far. Add that onto how easy it is to acquire them, I'll run out of things to get in a few more weeks. So that got me thinking, what could bungie do to alleviate this loot drought without wasting too many resources into free content? Case and point, bring back a few exotics (about 2 or 3) from Destiny 1 every few weeks or maybe even every month for free. Just update the exotics to fit into the new gun ability structure, and put them into the loot pool. Bungie could even make little events out of them like releasing them according to a theme. For example, they could have an auto rifle week where they release the Suros Regime, Monte Carlo, and Khvostov. Or an arc week where they only release weapons and armor with arc supporting abilities. I feel like this would fix a big problem destiny 1 had by just keeping up a constant stream of old content for free. What do you guys think?



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