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What purpose do blue/rares serve after 260? (other than materials)

Yes - Constantly dismantling rares is tedious.


No - Dismantling rares is fun.


Will keep this short, as I've just lost my entire post because you can't open things in a new tab in this forum...... Currently blue/rares appear to serve no purpose other than to be used for dismantling into gunsmith materials after you've reached 260-265+. All I ever find myself doing is dismantling every blue item I collect, because they aren't useful for infusion, and are always inferior to anything else I already have. [b][u]Suggestion:[/u][/b] Provide an option to allow players to auto-dismantle blue/rare items, or instead have blue/rare engrams provide materials instead of items at 265+ power level. Made into a poll, to allow an easy view of popular opinion.



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