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10/30/2017 10:59:02 PM

[PC][US] The Magnificent Basturds! No commitment | Solo play for clan benefits | 21+ | Easy Group Making | Casuals | Come and go as you please.

[url=]Click here for instant join[/url] Purpose of this group is to offset the mess and hassle of forming groups to finish content. Bungie doesn’t allow open world chat or Nightfall/Raid Ques. [u]No commitment[/u] Come and go as you please! 21+ Group for adult gamers Respectful and mature attitudes All Skill levels welcome We all work so no schedules No Roleplay Just have fun Solo play and exploit the clan benefits no requirement for grouping unless you want to. Voice chat available on Discord or the group. Links below. Not required at all ever. You never need to be in a voice channel if you don’t want to be. Our Clan page: [url][/url] Our Discord Server: [url][/url] Our Group : [url][/url] You can also add my Battle.Net tag. Jennex#1884



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