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Want to know if I'm still banned.

Phenom II owner here, and got banned for (I guess) trying to emulate SSSE3, before Cozmo's warning of a possible ban. Blizz already refunded my money, but I'd still like to play the game with my friends, but I simply can't risk purchasing it again without knowing if I'm still banned. I tried every Bungie support channel and they simply won't give me an answer. Please guys, I really could use some help here... How to know if I'm still banned? And if I am, how to reverse it, as I wasn't really cheating? Bnet: Dibb#1859 Edit: Bungie WONT answer me. I tried everything, Twitter, forums, messaging staff directly... still nothing. Why have support channels in the first palce if you're just going to ignore us? You guys should really learn from Blizzard how to treat your customers. Pathetic situation...



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