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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
10/29/2017 5:42:59 PM

So...I got the Coldheart and the Killtracker Ghost yet I DIDN'T preorder.

As the title suggests I just got through the campaign on my pc account and went around accepting my rewards. First up was the killtracker from shaxx, which made me think "waaait a minute...that's not supposed to be there", then on to Banshee-44 who held the Coldheart for me. Now, I bought the game on Friday, October 27th, about three days after the game officially came out on pc. So...any idea why I got these pre order exclusives? And has anyone else experienced the same stroke of luck? The coldheart is awesome and before getting it I was worried about doing certain encounters where its golden, so this is amazing and I hope they don't do anything to "fix" this glitch or whatever it is.



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