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10/27/2017 9:26:15 PM

Weasel - ALL THE TIME!!!

So ever since the launch of D2, I have been getting kicked back to the title screen literally every time I play. The error code I get almost all of the time is Weasel. I have taken several steps to fix this problem myself. -Use a wired ethernet connection -Set up port forwarding on my router (seemed to help a little bit -- less frequent 'boots') -Had ISP come and replace networking hardware in my neighborhood (When they tested my connection they said there was noise on the line) -exchanged my router for another from my ISP -ISP says their connection to my router is strong (and I agree). My internet works just fine when I'm using my laptop. I only notice problems with Destiny not any other games. Is there anything anyone can suggest my next steps to take? Thanks in advance for any help... Cheers!



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