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10/27/2017 11:05:44 AM

Bungie what are you doing?!

Why are you making this game so hard to play? Are you not hearing us? Does the fact that we are genuinely pissed off at your shit game mean nothing? Yes, I went there. Here’s my main problem with you: like every other Friday morning, I woke up early to see if Xur would finally be selling Young Ahamkaras Spine because it never drops like ever. But, also like every other Friday morning, you’re selling the same damn thing you already sold like two weeks ago give or take. You did the same with Foetracer and Mechaneers Tricksleeves which is the ugliest helmet in the game and the Tricksleeves are the worst exotics in the game period. I don’t even want Young Ahamkaras Spine’s perks. I just want it’s beauty and nostalgia because I had it in the first game (which I used it’s double trip grenade perk all the time but now you idiots ruined them). I’m tired of the repeats. I’m tired of grinding, I’m tired of connection issues, I’m tired of scrambling for raid teams and not even having one good enough to get past Gauntlet like wtf?! Fix your damn game before your “community” fixes it for you.



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